About us

Direct Soft is a young software development company founded by two experienced developers and a talent seeker. The team focuses on User Experience and Software Architecture.

The goal of every Direct Soft project is to deliver optimal value within budget, through an emphasis on end-user satisfaction and flexible development planning.

As a subsidiary of the Direct Search recruitment agency, Direct Soft has access to the best analysts and developers available in Belgium. Its staff has proven its expertise in various enterprise environments such as the European Institutions (DG AGRI, Publications Office, European Central Bank), the telecommunications industry and other organisations such as Eurocontrol. The projects achieved were within time, budget and scope. They also delivered satisfaction, if not enjoyment, to their clients.

Why choose us?


We build information systems specifically designed for your needs. Our tailor-made approach allows us to adjust precisely to your demands.

We specialize in web applications based on JavaScript (Front-end) and Java/NodeJS (Back-end). Our full range of services comprise of:


Our vision is to improve the software development process through modern approaches and effective human interactions.


You deserve software automation and we will provide you with tailor-made applications, shaped to your needs.

Our approach

Our modern approach is based on the Agile Principles which has proven to succeed three times more often than traditional methodologies such as the waterfall model.

We will first define the key requirements of the system from your expectations and an analysis of your current process: its current strength and its possible improvements. Usually, Direct Soft will produce mockups of the future application because they are extremely useful for visualizing your needs and goals.

From this first analysis, we will suggest a planning and an estimation of the budget for the whole project.

Then, we will define with you a minimum viable product (MVP) with the highest return on investment versus risk. The goal is to rapidly produce a software which fulfills the most important requirements. The advantages are:

  • Fast release cycles
  • Early feedback from the end users
  • Lower investment
  • Lower risk from implementing extraneous features

Development Cycle

The development cycle is decomposed in a series of sprints (from 1 to 3 weeks). At the beginning of each sprint, a set a features is selected to be developed. At the end of a sprint, a demo is scheduled to collect your feedback and integrate it during the next sprints.

The goal is to find deviations early in the development process, so that we can adapt quickly. The sooner a defect is found, the less time it costs.



Avenue Louise 367, B-1050 Bruxelles

T : +32 (0)2 642 00 00

@ : info@directsoft.be